We at BricleWeb, have high precision and mature application maintenance process, which allows effective capture and reporting resolution of maintenance requests. shore and on-site application maintenance services to provide you personalized and long-term support. Our dedicated teams keep a constant track of reports, assess and suggest business needs and functions that need to be incorporated into the application on a regular basis…

We live in time when technology is growing in geometric progression, so as the design. Trends and innovations in design were huge in past years so we would like to share a grasp view on the major few that are actual right now and we provide for our customers. First thing that catches an eye is that responsive web design has become the new rule of the designing arena and websites are becoming more and more mobile friendly. The designers pay great attention on if their sites function well on mobile devices to keep up with the growing Internet usage on phones and tablets. Therefore a few practices that are commonplace now are: integrating websites to social media, encouraging visitors to subscribe for emails, parallax designs, fast site loading time, etc. All these practices have one aim, to make the mobile web experience easier and less frustrating.

Flat design is yet another trend on its rise for quite some time. The minimalist UI design is developing and evolving into something more favorable for mobile interface, ‘material design’. Material design is basically a result of Google’s set of guidelines for better designing keeping in view the mobile users. It supports better mobile browsing by enhancing the visual and motion experience. In other words, it is almost the same old flat design but with layering, subtle gradients and animation to make the tactile experience worthwhile. Micro-interaction is a trend being in place recently. It is basically an engagement technique on the web front. We all have seen such Microinteractions on different sites where a small signup box appears in front of a webpage and everything in the background goes fade. As discussed earlier, microinteractions encourage greater user engagement.